How to Play

How to Play the Game of Washers

Washers is a wonderful game for all ages!  It is played by 2 individuals or 4 people in 2 person teams.  Although washers can be played in a wide variety of pits and board set ups, at the Good Luck Grill we play on permanent in-ground pits.

Two recessed cups are set in the ground 21 feet apart from each other.  Surrounding the hole is a boxed area called the pit.  The object of the game is to toss your 4 washers one at a time from one pit to the other with the goal of tossing the washer into the recessed cup – this is called a ringer.

Scoring is based on the team that throws the washer closest to the hole.  If you get a ringer you get 5 points.  If the washer lands on the rim of the hole but does not fall in 3 points are given – this is called a leaner.  If you can run your finger or washer on the inside lip of the recessed washer cup and the washer moves, you officially have a leaner.  If your washer is the closest to the hole inside the pit area, 1 point is earned.  Points are given to only one team per round and only for the washers that are closer than those of the opposing team.  If the point winning team has three washers that are closer than any other the other team’s washers they will get points for those 3 washers only.  Washers must be inside the pit area to qualify for points.   The team that earned the points for the round goes first next.


Example – Let’s assume that the picture above shows the silver washers of Team A and the red washers of Team B.   As you can see Team A has 2 washers in the pit and Team B has three washer in the pit.  In the above example Team A with the silver washers gets one point, (unless there is a ringer or two inside the cup that we cannot see).  Because one of Team B’s washers in the next closest washer to the cup, it prevents Team A from getting another point.

The game is over when one side reaches 21 points.

Pitching washers can be as addicting as golf, but it’s much less expensive and a whole lot of fun for the whole family!  There is no one right way to pitch washers.  Some people think it is an art, others a science… but we at the Good Luck Grill think  it is simply an ‘ole fashioned good time!