Being Thankful

Thank you for helping making the Good Luck Grill a success!!!!   We are turning 5 on November 27th… and we would have never made it here without YOU!!!

Shana and Lupe celebrating GLG’s 5th Birthday

It is with much gratitude that I say…  Thank you to everyone who has been by my side during this walk to our fifth birthday… that at many times, has been… uphill both ways… in the snow and barefoot.  November is National Gratitude Month… here are just a few things I am grateful for:
You… Our customers, who keep coming back time and again – with a new friend or two in tow.  Our customers ~ who have been here from day one… and have become family, trusted advisers… and continue to cheer us on!    

My circle of friends and extended family… who has done everything but a headstand on the side of the road to make sure people know where to get a great meal in Manor.

My first food service rep, Billy, who was a constant source of wisdom and encouragement.

My catering supply guy, friend and cheerleader, Stan, for whom I could not have taken on many of the projects that were put in front of me.

My lifelong friends and 2nd parents, the Alexander’s, who let me raid “Nanna’s Antique Warehouse” and show their unfaltering support at every turn. Our family friends, the Wilson’s, who have shown their continued support and belief in me.

My staff…  whether they worked at GLG for a day or for 5 years have helped me to be a better leader, owner and person.

My awesome friend, adviser, positive attitude generator and right hand person, Lupe…  who keeps me focused and sane and who’s “I CAN” attitude is infectious.

My sweet baby boy, Wesley, who inspires me and reminds me that it is important to play as hard as you work.

My sister, Nishi, who is the world’s best marketer, friend, and Princess of Exuberance for all things Good Luck Grill.

My parents, James and Nadine… for without them – I’d have never made it.
The idea of Good Luck Grill came long before 2007.  I wanted more… and a dream was born.  Being in the restaurant business is what I know.  I am sure that I could do something else…  but, I don’t know what that would be!  While not alwayas as glamorous as one might believe… it is my passion and I love it.  What other job could I have that allows me to get to know so many wonderful people in Manor and the surrounding communities? Sometimes I get preoccupied, busy or lose focus… and think that I have not taken the time to say thank you.

THANK YOU!  To all of those who helped a girl with a dream… realize it!


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