Fox 7 News Football Field Trip and Mustang Madness Spirit Rally!

Community!  That is the number one thing we are trying to build at the Good Luck Grill.  This past Saturday it felt like we achieved that.  Fox 7 Austin was on hand for a live sports remote for their 6 and 9 pm newscast to interview Manor High School (MHS) football coach Sadd Jackson and profile the MHS varsity football team.  Coach Jackson and the football team were supported by the impressive MHS Drum Line, the cheerleading squad, the drill team, other MHS athletes, administrators, City of Manor elected officials and parents.

The following is an excerpt from my letter to Coach Jackson after the event:

GLG owner Shana Whiteley with Manor Mustang Coach Sadd Jackson wife Mrs. Jackson

Coach & Mrs. Jackson enjoy the Manor Madness Spirit Rally with Good Luck Grill owner Shana Whiteley.

Dear Coach Jackson,

Many thanks to you and all the wonderful educators on your team for allowing me and our staff at Good Luck Grill to be a part of the Fox 7 News Football Field Trip and Mustang Madness Spirit Rally!!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about it!  I have been so pumped up about the event since Saturday and have commended you and all the students, faculty, and administrators who participated in the event since Saturday night to anyone who will listen.  The students were wonderful and provided an outstanding example of what the high school experience is all about and represented MHS with flawless perfection.

I would welcome the opportunity to host any MHS event in the future!  To further commend the students…  I saw several students picking up trash and straighten chairs and tables at the conclusion of the news cast… Wow!!!

My marketing team at Turn Lane Consulting and I have posted the event pictures that we took on our Facebook at  Also, we have dedicated a page on our website to Manor Sports,  Please let me know if I can email you any copies of the fotos for the yearbook or as mementos for you and/or your students.

Again, I am just beaming with pride for this outstanding group of young people.  The coverage was extremely positive for Manor students.   We are looking forward to a great year and are so thankful to have such a positive relationship with the fine folks of Manor ISD.

Thanks again.

Shana Whiteley

Thank you Fox 7 for showcasing our community! We were thrilled to have you and hope you will come back soon! To get a feel for the energy of this fun community event also visit our YouTube channel at


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