Fund the Firefighters Benefit

Manor, TX Saturday September 24th, 2011 – Join us tomorrow at the Good Luck Grill for and extended Pickin’ on the Porch for the Fund  the Firefighters Benefit hosted by local singer/songwriter Jimbro Lutz.  Saturday will be the second Pickin’ on the Porch for the Fall Season with an extended line-up of talented musicians.  The format for tomorrow’s event is slightly different from our normal open mic from 6-7pm followed by three featured performers.  As you can see in the line-up bellow we will have music for you from 2:30 to close to inspire your generosity.

Cash and check donations will be accepted for the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund a non-profit organization that provides money, training and equipment to volunteer fire departments throughout the state.  Who fights those fires?  Over 77% of Texas firefighters are VOLUNTEERS! Over 86% of them use person funds to pay for firefighting expenses.  Although, recently we have seen an increase in funded emergency service districts fires are still expensive and are putting a strain on resources.  Did you know that it cost $8400 to properly outfit a firefighter?

Join us Saturday to honor and raise money for the brave men and women who work to keep us and our communities safe!

Make checks payable to:  Texas Wildfire Relief Fund.  If you are unable to attend but want to donate you may do so directly at

2:30pm… Jimbro Lutz

3:00 pm…Better Halves (Jimmy Joe and Chrissie Natoli)

3:30pm… Mo McMorrow

4:00pm… Jim Betz

4:30pm… Nancy Scott

5.00pm… Julian Gill

5:30pm… Sapphire Bell

6:00pm… John Scholten (Australia)

6:30pm… Ky Hote

7:00pm… Millie Marlow and Lisa Litman

7:30 Lindsey Eck

8:00 – 9:00 Lost and Nameless Orchestra

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