GLG Supports Travis County Youth

Wow!  Over $368,000 was raised last Friday at the Travis County Youth Show Auction.  What is that you say?  The Travis County Youth Show is an annual event for Travis County 4-H and FFA members to exibit their livestock, art, food and photography. Winners in each category then participate in the auction where local businesses buy the young persons project.  The purchase of the projects are tax dudectible and help support education and personal development.

Over 1000 exibitors participated with a great showing from the Manor, Cele, Richland, Pflugerville community.  It was wonderful to sit in the audience at the auction and watch these fine young people participate in the auction and display pride in something in the same way I once did as a member of the Richland 4-H club.  Click here to learn about one local girl profiled in the Blackland Reporter

It was also a privledge to provide food for the judges of the Youth Fair.  This show is supported by volunteers.  They donate their time and money to make our community a better place.  To support the Travis County Youth Show in any way please contact them at (512) 278-9498 or visit them on the web at  They will continue to accept auction ad ons through next Friday February 3rd.

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