Scholarships & Silver Spurs at the Travis County 4-H Awards Banquet

What a great evening last night (Aug. 16, 2013) at the Travis County 4-H Achievement Banquet held in Creedmoor. My family and I were pleased to be present to see so many young people from our community be recognized for their achievements.

Nadine Whiteley Memorial Scholarship Awarded


Ellerie Jackson receives the Nadine Whiteley Memorial Scholarship. Pictured left to right James Whiteley, Shana Whiteley, Ellerie Jackson & Nishi Whiteley.

Congratulations to Ellerie Jackson of Wilbarger 4-H. She received an $8K scholarship given in my mother’s name from donations made after her passing and since, as well as monies generated from Nadine’s Birthday Bash fundraiser that we hold here at the GLG every July near my mom’s birthday.  My dad James, sister Nishi and I were pleased to get to present the award to her and delighted that the scholarship was awarded to SUCH a deserving young person.

Ellerie, a Good Luck Grill customer, has been an active 4-Her for many years.  Last year she was one of a team of six kids from Travis county who competed on a statewide level and won to advance to the national Leaders for Life competition in Denver.  She and her teammates placed second, which was a first for a team from Texas. She was also the Travis Country Youth Show Queen this year, doing an excellent job as a spokesperson for the show. Her projects have included steers, goats, leadership and youth fair projects.  One of our favorite customers and long time Travis county 4-H leaders and Texas 4-H Foundation Board Member Violet Alexander says about Ellerie, “she is an all around kind, hard working, diligent young lady.”  Ellerie will study nursing at Tarleton State University.  We look forward to hearing about her success. Good Luck Ellerie!

My family and I would like to thank everyone who has donated in the name of Nadine Whiteley and supported the Nadine’s Birthday Bash fundraiser. Your love, respect and appreciation for my mom made this scholarship possible.  My mother would be humbled by your generosity (as my family and I are) and she would be ecstatic to know that her life has made such an impact to move you to donate on her behalf and that she inspired a scholarship that will positively benefit a deserving 4-Her.

Thank you also to Violet Alexander for managing the donations made in my mom’s honor and for communicating with the donors.  Violet and Joe Alexander, are dear family friends and are tireless leaders in Travis county and statewide.  They donate a tremendous amount of time, energy and money to sustain the 4-H program and scholarships to the betterment of our local young people. Thank you Violet & Joe for all you do!

Silver Spur Surprise

Shana Whiteley, owner of the Good Luck Grill in Manor, Texas receives the 2013 Travis County 4-H Silver Spur Award. Pictured with County Agent Cory Talley.

Shana Whiteley, owner of the Good Luck Grill in Manor, Texas receives the 2013 Travis County 4-H Silver Spur Award. Pictured with County Agent Cory Talley.

The Silver Spur award is the highest honor given to an adult for their support of the 4-H program. As I sat in anticipation of who might receive this prestigious award, I was overwhelmed as I realized they were talking about me – I didn’t see that coming.  Receiving this award was a surprise and a GREAT honor. I am grateful that my son, dad, sister and cousin Toby were on hand to share this special moment with me. My mom also received this award.  It makes me proud to walk in her footsteps and receive this award on the night her scholarship was awarded.

It is a thrill for me to be able to give back to an organization that has truly enriched my life. Thank you Travis County 4-H for this special honor.  I will display it at the Good Luck Grill with pride!

Learn More About Travis County 4-H

4-H is a marvelous youth development organization. The clover in our GLG logo is there for a reason. It represents the principles 4-H teaches and that I try to live by in my business and personal life: I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty, my Hands to larger service and my Health to better living.”  Myself, my family and the GLG are so pleased to be a part of the 4-H community!

Programs are available for kids 9-18 including projects in livestock, leadership, art, robotics, skeet, clothing and textiles and more. To learn more about how you and your family can get involved visit the Travis County 4-H website. 



  1. phyllis waller says:

    Dear Shana,
    I watched your videos and wish you congratulations (belated) for your hard work and awards. I’m so glad that I knew Nade and got to spend time with her and her family. There was never a dull moment and Nade was so kind and compassionate.

    We wish you all the best, hi to James and Nishi and your Son.

    Paul and Phyllis

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