That is some cake!

Here at the Good Luck Grill we are blessed to witness many different types of celebrations representing the milestones of people’s lives.  This past Thursday night was such an occasion.  What made it different for me is that we were celebrating the birthday of one of my mother’s dearest friends, Wanda Gershbach.  As you can see from the photos on our Facebook Place Page, a good (Queenly) time was had by all.

You’ll probably agree…that was SOME birthday cake.  Kudos for the excellent saloon girl bodice cake go out to Wanda’s daughter Dana (sisters Dana & Shana and I have been friends since 2nd grade) for making such a fabulous representation of something that has long been a symbol of our mother’s friendships, independence and zest for life.  You are probably wondering now, how a saloon girl costume represents all that.

Proudly and prominent displayed in our dining room hangs a picture of 5 good looking gals in their saloon girl outfits.  Have you seen it? Pictured from left to right the ladies in the photograph are community notables, Jean Garlic (Wordyisms), Rita Baughman (Baughman Photography), Wanda Gershbach, Kay Adamak and my mom Nadine Whiteley. Those pictures of our moms in their saloon girl get-up are legendary.  They call themselves the Queens of Bad Taste!

This group of sultry and saucy women met while volunteering at the Pflugerville Elementary School (PES) in the GROWTH program.  Can you imagine what a stir it caused when a similar picture to this one showed up on the desk of PES principal Guy Wilson? Oh what fun!

Wherever these fine ladies went there was laughter, fun and some serious direction giving – they are a bossy bunch – and hard working too.  They made incredible things happen and had so much fun doing it. They always left you wondering in anticipation about what crazy thing they would do next.

Being a child of a Queen was and continues to be pretty incredible.  There was always a beehive of activity and something to laugh about.  My mother reveled in the responses she would get about their crazy antics.  Somehow being the child of a Queen still gives me license to do things I might not otherwise try to get away with – wink.

Through the Queens, we learned about the importance of community participation and what a difference a group of like-minded people can make, friendship and not to take ourselves too seriously.  The Queens serve as a great example in so many ways including how to laugh, how to celebrate and how to work hard for something you believe in.  They proved time and time again that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  When those five decided that something needed to be done, people learned quickly to join them or get out of the way because the Queens made things happen!

As I watched Wanda, surrounded by Queens and family blow out her candles on her saloon girl cake I was reminded that we make our own fun and fortune that no one gets there alone and that life is always sweeter when shared with people that we care about and with whom you have happy history.

What story does your birthday cake tell?



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